In The Studio: Process and Presentation, Victoria Manganiello

On view February 2, 2018

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Sara Kay Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of In The Studio: Process and Presentation, Victoria Manganiello from February 2, 2018. By recreating contemporary textile artist Victoria Manganiello's studio in the gallery, the artist's creative process is brought to life.   

The experience unfolds with the display of a floor loom; instrumental to Manganiello’s process, every millimeter of the material used to form her paintings and installations passes through her fingers, each mark carefully considered, yet motivated by intuition. In addition, a collection of woven paintings, drawings, objects, books, and video will be on display. 

Manganiello creates her paintings and installations by spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases, using materials including synthetic and natural dyes, cotton, silk and other mixed materials. The works seek to physically control and manipulate space. El Trifinio which was featured in the exhibition Function to Freedom and at the Queens Museum, demonstrates how Manganiello combines traditional and contemporary techniques, challenging our notion of the textile and bringing it into abstract sculptural form.  

The artist will be offering a workshop at the gallery on February 24th. Participants will learn the basic principals of cloth weaving and look at a variety of materials and structures used in weaving. Victoria will discuss how this process is implemented into the production of her artwork, and registrants will have the opportunity to make a small woven artwork of their own. Further details and sign up  information are available on our website and Facebook page.

Function to Freedom:  Quilts and Abstract Expressions

November 30, 2017 to January 27, 2018

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                                          Victorian Crazy Quilt Fragment, 1886                                                            Elaine de Kooning, March Sky, 1959


Sara Kay Gallery is pleased to announce Function to Freedom: Quilts and Abstract Expressions. The exhibition explores the compositional tendencies of 19th century American quilts and abstract paintings, drawings and sculptures by women artists— and the socio-political climate in which they were made.

Function to Freedom will feature quilts, some homespun, in brightly colored materials from rich velvets to wool to feed sacks alongside an exceptional selection of abstract works by artists Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Yayoi Kusama, and Louise Nevelson. The exhibition will highlight the likeness of composition and freedom of expression shared by both mediums and periods.

In 19th century America, women were relegated to domestic roles and had fewer opportunities to pursue artistic endeavors. Quilting had the tendency to be viewed as a passive, practical hobby with little more than functional purpose and quaint charm. The exhibition highlights how quilts were a peaceful aesthetic outlet with a vast range of styles and voices. The departure from being a merely functional pursuit (made possible by developments in technology and, accordingly, changes in technique, style and purpose) shifted people’s perspective on quilting to be recognized as a complex and expressive art form.

While regimented gender roles continued into the mid-century, opportunities for women expanded beyond those of their predecessors. Women artists held their own as a key voice in the field and their contributions undeniably defined the movements of the time. Some female abstract artists may have recognized the relevance of quilts and some may have been inspired by them. “The thoughtful display of quilts aligned with abstract works offers a dialogue between the technical splendor and lyricism of geometric patterns with the apparent freedom of color and expression,” explained Kay. “These works blur the boundary between canvas and quilt, what is art and what is craft, and whether this distinction is a meaningful one. Function to Freedom is a celebration of the artistic voices of women. It is a portrait of women’s boundless vision and resourcefulness.”

The exhibition will also include a site-specific installation by artist Victoria Manganiello. Made of cotton, linen, natural and synthetic dyes and aluminum, the installation will challenge our notion of the textile, bringing it into abstract sculptural form. The inclusion of a female contemporary artist complements the vision of the show, as Manganiello skillfully combines tradition, textiles and freedom of expression.  


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A Limitless Vision: The Collection of Audrey B. Heckler
September 28 - November 18, 2017

Sara Kay Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, A Limitless Vision: The Collection of Audrey B. Heckler, a survey of one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of outsider art. The exhibition will feature over 30 rare and important paintings, drawings, and sculptures from Audrey B. Heckler’s prestigious collection, many of which will be exhibited to the public for the first time. On view from September 28 to November 18, 2017, the show serves as a tribute to one of America's foremost art collectors, as well as an opportunity to discover the work of self-taught artists.  



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