Sara Kay Gallery Announces Inaugural Working Artist Residency, Victoria Manganiello

February 2 to March 17, 2018

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Sara Kay Gallery is pleased to announce an experimental working artist residency as part of the gallery’s continued commitment to support women artists. The gallery will engage one female artist annually as a means to highlight and expand the artist’s process. The gallery has selected artist Victoria Manganiello as the inaugural residency recipient and she will have the space through March 17, 2018.

The artist has recreated her studio, installing a floor loom, fibers and dyes, sewn drawings, studies, and raw materials in Kay’s historic 19th century townhouse. Installations, paintings, and sculptures in varied states of completion can be viewed throughout the space. Manganiello will actively work in the gallery spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases. She will also lead a series of experimental weaving workshops for the public. 

Manganiello’s works seek to physically control and manipulate space. With an interest in the interplay of the natural and synthetic material and the expanded use of the loom, the artist transforms her raw materials to create complex woven paintings and sculptures that challenge the historical definition of craft.

Sara Kay Gallery is the first gallery space from scholar and dealer Sara Kay and serves as the culmination of Kay’s 20-year career that spans Old Masters to Contemporary Art. Her diverse expertise drives the gallery’s programming as does her special interest in giving female artists and collectors an expanded platform for exhibition and support. Prior to founding Sara Kay Gallery, Kay was Director of the prestigious gallery White Cube in London. Formerly, she served as Director of the Fine Art Department at the Jan Krugier Gallery, the exclusive agent for work by Pablo Picasso from the Marina Picasso Estate, and specialized in 19th and 20th century painting, drawing and sculpture. Previously, Kay served as a Specialist in Old Master Drawings at Christie’s auction house, leading the New York department.

Sara Kay is Founder and Chairman of the Board of Director of the Professional Organization for Women in the Arts, a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) that champions professionalism and the advancement of women in the business of fine art. She also serves on the Artemis Council at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, a group of activist female patrons that supports exhibitions by female artists to ensure their place in the art historical canon. 

A high-speed walk through of Victoria’s studio at the gallery, courtesy of To enjoy a virtual stroll through the entire studio at your leisure, click here.